MUST SEE: Great video of Jon Stewart nailing media for Ron Paul ‘coverage’

I am no fan of Jon Stewart, but he certainly nailed it Monday night on his show.

I have long been a critic of the media, especially how they irresponsibly cover presidential elections. Media outlets certainly do not cover each candidate equally or even fairly. Oftentimes, a candidate is a front-runner simply because the media say that candidate is a front-runner.

While certainly the Framers believed in free speech, they certainly did not expect the media to act as some de facto vetting committee.

The case of Ron Paul is the perfect example, as Stewart deftly demonstrates in this hilarious video. Paul is the only candidate telling the truth about our fiscal crisis. He is the only candidate telling the truth about our military adventurism. And Paul has a very large following. Yet, the media blatantly ignore him because his libertarian views are beyond their ability to comprehend.

Along these same lines, an outfit called Public Policy Polling sent out a news release Tuesday concerning a presidential poll it took in Ohio. According to the company:

Obama’s pretty unpopular. But consider these favorability numbers for the Republican alternatives: Mitt Romney, 30% favorable/49% unfavorable, Rick Perry, 28% favorable/37% unfavorable, Michele Bachmann, 30% favorable/49% unfavorable, Sarah Palin, 34% favorable/59% unfavorable, and Herman Cain, 22% favorable/35% unfavorable.

Obama’s net approval is a -8 spread. Every Republican’s net favorability is even worse than that. Ohio voters don’t like Obama. They like the GOP Presidential field even less. So at least for now Obama’s up 2 points on Romney at 45-43, 4 points on Perry at 45-41, 7 points on Bachmann at 48-41, 8 points on Cain at 47-39, and 13 points on Palin at 51-38.

Can you spot who is missing from its analysis? Even Sarah Palin, who is not an announced candidate, was considered. Yet, Ron Paul, who took second place in the Iowa Straw Poll, is not even listed. Why is that?

Fortunately, the Internet is slowly but surely making inroads against this media hegomony. Twenty years ago, we would not even know Ron Paul’s name. Today, Paul has built his following using the Internet to bypass the Ron Paul media blackout. If the media do not change their ways, the 2012 election will likely be their last as the predominant source of election coverage for most Americans.

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