How News Really Works

This is so true. A friend posted this on Facebook and I had to share here.

Often, on my long commute to Toledo, I choose to listen to the BBC because it is difficult to get real news in this country, anymore. I also find myself reading and viewing other foreign news sites.

American journalists, especially at the national media outlets, simply do not understand the news. Just look at the way the presidential election is covered. We rarely hear dry policy information, the kind of thing we need to make an informed choice. We only hear about who did what to whose dog. I think this is partially driven by the industry’s focus-group mentality. Those in the industry who make the coverage decisions rely too heavily on things such as focus groups and what people tend to like on websites. Give people hard news in a straightforward manner and they will buy it.

Or is this simply another symptom of the dumbing down of America.

Either way, I weep for the future.

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